Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Food Adventures in Kuching

My hometown, Kuching is located at the heart of Borneo Island, which is separated from the rest of Peninsular Malaysia by the South China Sea. It is only natural that the food found here would be different from the usual encounters in West Malaysia. Typically people rave about Penang and Ipoh food but when asked if they have tried Sarawakian food, many of my friends have not even explored the beautiful Kuching, which is only about an hour and a half flight time away from Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, in this particular short trip back to my hometown, I had one goal, to eat as much as I can and to share photographs of glorious Kuching food with you beautiful readers!

I was travelling together with Jason Lioh (once a popular food blogger known as Jasonmumbles) a friend hailing from Malacca, and this was his first proper "food trip" to Kuching. Joining us was Jian, a super famous comic blogger who has successfully published two books. Jian was our driver and guide throughout the whole trip.

Kolo Mee
Kim Joo at Carpenter Street. 

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Packing A Short Trip Into Lowepro Campus+ Backpack

One of the perks of not being tied to a camera company anymore, was the freedom to move around and get invited to product launches from other manufacturers. When an invite came for Lowepro's 50 Years Celebration and launch of their new bags, it was liberating to be able to say yes and attend. It was indeed a surreal experience for me, since the roles have been swapped: that I no longer am the host and organizer of the media and consumers events and finally can participate as a guest. In this case, I went to the Lowepro event as a blogger and photographer.

Lowepro Campus+ backpack easily packs in all my travel essentials for my short trip home to Kuching soon!

Sunday, July 02, 2017

It Has Retro-Classic Design And Can Even Charge Your Phone And Smart Devices

When I first saw it on display at a local store, I was instantly enamored by the Leica-esque design. The silver retro design was just screaming for attention. I actually walked out of the store because I did not want to end up buying an item that I may not have that much need for, but then I just could not stop thinking about it! So I bought one for myself, you know, sometimes we can have nice things too. Perhaps, once in a while, it is prudent to reward ourselves with something that we truly want, but not desperately need.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

To all my beautiful readers who are celebrating, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Dan Batin!

That is one super rare, non-selfie, properly taken self-portrait of myself, wearing a Baju Melayu. Full festivity mode on! 

Eid-ul-Fitr is a huge thing in Malaysia, and the whole nation is celebrating.

I was involved with a local music video production as the behind the scenes stills photographer and having the song "Balik Kampung" played repeatedly for several hours sort of got me deep into the Raya mood! I just could not get the song out of my head even days after that shoot, and while I was shopping away (sales, sales everywhere before Raya) I stumbled upon this Baju Melayu. I have never owed or worn one before. I thought, why not just try it on, and see how I look in it? You know what, I LOVED IT! So I bought myself a simple, traditional looking Baju Melayu.

One funny fact: when I got the Baju Melayu, I did not know that the set did not come with the buttons for the shirt (yes, I know I am that noob, please forgive me). After doing some online research, Uncle Google told me I had to purchase the buttons separately. I hunted down some plain, simple looking buttons at Kamdar, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman the next day. All was well again.

To those of you driving long distances home, be extra careful and mindful on the road. I cannot wait to eat all the ketupat, rendang, curry and satays! Thank goodness the waistband on Baju Melayu pants is highly stretchable! I think they made it that way for the purpose of food over-consumption (just my uneducated assumption).

Have an awesome, joy-filled and meaningful Raya 2017 everybody! Any one of my blog readers have open houses? PLEASE INVITE ME OVER TO EAT!